Things I don’t understand

It’s always been the subject to avoid when in a group of gaijin (foreigners), I do think, believe and will always believe that the only bad thing in japan is GAIJIN. For me personally, there is nothing else to complain about.

It’s simple, gaijin are impolite, aggressive, noisy and dirty. And they get aggressive if you tell them that and would try everything to try and make you change your point of view. (I myself am a gaijin, I always get the typical gaijin answer “but you too are a gaijin..” just so tiring to get a normal conversation)

I completely underhand why Japanese landlords would only rent their apartments to locals, simply because most gaijin don’t want to adapt to Japanese life style (like taking the shoes off when you enter your house, not mixing the rubbish and keep as invisible as possible..) I would never live in big cities like Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto… gaijin would simply ruin your precious experience in japan.

I get this answer a lot “I have many Japanese friends who love me” well Tokyo is full of “gaijin hunters” of course they would be around you and go out with you but for big events or family gatherings they would rarely invite you to join. For me the best life you can get is far deep in japan where No sign or word is written in English (like I’ve been doing for the last 2 years).

Yes I’m that kind of person who would change to the opposite pavement if I see gaijin around.

Call it sick.

After 7 years living in Asia I developed this kind of allergy to gaijin, nothing would change it.


Snow snow

A long night of snow and woke up this morning to a beautiful view from my room.

Japan is just beautiful in all of the 4 seasons.


2 months of intensive daily classes and finally I’m done with my first Test in Japanese, I must say, the more I learn the more it looks easier and honestly it’s like no other language (I do speak some Cantonese already). It’s just a beautiful language, the way words are put together in a sentence and how every character is actually made of many other characters that somehow are connected.. I also noticed that huge part of the language is untranslatable to English.

…In another word, the more I live here the more I realize how far “planet japan” is from the rest of the world !

Hello People

Hello People from all over the world, I’m 31 years old and have been living in Japan for almost a year.

I come from somewhere in North Africa, a completely different environment from here.

I’m starting this blog to share with you my daily experiences and opinions about the planet of Japan in the eyes of a third world citizen, please forgive my mistakes as i’m still learning English.

よろしくお願いします :)